Body & Soul

Being human is quite a conundrum. This is the only earthly vehicle we have for living an enlightened life, yet we are prone to resist it, hate it, abandon it, abuse it, judge it, ignore it . . . In general, we seem to be busy in a myriad of strategies to deal with this thing called life.  How then, do we navigate the complex terrain of living a human life that neither idolizes nor devalues the body’s rightful place in the scheme of living a fully realized life?

I think of being human as a grand experiment of the soul: Is it possible to live as conscious matter, fully expressing and experiencing life in a body? And can we find ease and pleasure in being a complex integration of form and formless? Is it truly feasible to touch the infinite from the finite construct of our physicality? Could we stop fighting or resisting our life and just relax into all sensations as dancing energy? Can we open the vastness of our hearts and brilliance of our minds to allow our flesh and bone to fully participate in the awakening of consciousness and the evolution of the soul?

I have been actively traversing the maze of embodiment for quite some time and am very familiar with the quirks and pitfalls inherent in this endeavor. I am also keenly aware of the joyful moments of intimacy, ease and peace that are the over-arcing consequence of relaxing into the soul-filled enjoyment of this human life.

We so often feel alone – lost in this maze of confusion about the body and what it means to be human. You don’t have to be alone in this endeavor. Let me join you as a guide and co-conspirator:

  • to shift your relationship to your body to one of clarity, strength, appreciation and pleasure
  • to walk with you as we tease apart the ways in which the ego holds your body captive in a jail of judgment
  • to discover your soul’s  intimate, deliberate, devoted and affectionate union with  your body
  • to recapture your exuberance for this life,  in this body,  at this time and in this space

With that in mind, I am offering a year-long program:

Body and Soul: A Compassionate Conspiracy. This will include – 15 individual sessions (3 the first month, 2 the second month and once a month thereafter) and a full year of access to weekly Gyrokinesis classes. We will approach this from many angles, includingspiritual, psychological, physical, belief systems, movement, sensations – and who knows where else our co-conspiracy will take us.

Don’t underestimate what it means to be human. Let’s journey together to:

  • Explore it. Embrace it. Co-create it
  • Respect it. Embellish it. Enjoy it.
  • Embody it!

Here are details:

Pay in Full: $1275 ($975 for the 15 sessions which works out to be $65 per session / $300 for a year of access to weekly Gyrokinesis classes, a $600 value). You save $120 by paying in full.

Pay Monthly: $116

Sliding scale is a possibility, depending on your circumstance.

If the weekly Gyrokinesis classes don’t work for you, there are other possibilities that we can work with.

Please contact me for more information or to simply sign up to compassionately co-conspire to merge body and soul!