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Happy New Year! I trust that 2015 will be a year like many others – full of challenges and blessings, comings and goings, beginnings and endings. May we all have the capacity and wherewithal to handle it all with grace and presence.

Notice that I changed the name of my blog to Mindful Meanderings? I found the Body Prompts context too limiting for the range of topics that are on my mind and in my heart. That being said:

Mindful Meanderings blog is just that – sometimes short and sweet and other times long and lingering. It’s about whatever is inspiring me or striking my fancy at any given moment. It includes topics that are body-centric, spirit-filled, personal sharing and teachings both wise and witty.

This blog is designed to help us find joy in our humanity, embrace the foibles of embodiment and yield to our distinct soulful thumbprint. A devoted advocate for this brilliant and messy human predicament, I am quite enlivened by the possibility that each of us can have a clear, caring, joyful, relaxed, present and passionate experience of this unique and beloved life.


Spiritual/Psychological Counseling

The last 2 years have been a time of major change for me, both personally and professionally. And while much of my business is in a state of flux, counseling remains constant, inspired and very much alive. If you, or someone you know, could use powerful counseling and clear guidance, please contact me or pass along this information.

Counseling is a sacred practice – no matter what the issue, no matter what the cause.

When people seek out this type of service it is because they are in pain. Usually by the time they muster the courage to make an appointment, they are in a great deal of pain.

What pain requires is a spacious and compassionate place to express itself, to reveal itself, to be seen and heard and understood.

This is where I come in:

I have intensely investigated the complexity and the simplicity of being human, studied with some amazing and masterful teachers of psychology, spirituality and movement and been mentored in the integral, intimate and compassionate ways of teaching and leading.

And, through my own excursions into the deeper recesses of my psyche, the richness of my soul and the unlimited breadth and depth of the heart center, I have discovered a vast source of wisdom, compassion and reverence. I bring that to bear in every counseling session.

My capacity to hold an open and spacious place for my client, heightens sensitivity, sharpens insights, intensifies compassion and generates guidance that is clear and relevant. I work with you as a soul friend, to unwind the ties that bind so that you become the innate and free-flowing expression that is your true nature.

And there is nothing more sacred than that!

Individuals or couples
In person or by phone

Short term, situation specific or
Ongoing, consistent and systematic<

Short-term Counseling offers much-needed perspective without the commitment to traditional long-term therapy.

Ongoing Counseling is designed for processes that require a longer, more committed and structured time-period to peel back the layers and discover the truth of who you are.

Engaging in a caring, skillful and insightful counseling relationship assists in making huge strides to:

  • enhance your overall sense of well-being
  • grow your capacity to manage your current circumstance
  • break through limiting stories, beliefs and habits
  • renew your connection to your true self
  • soar with a new found freedom and clarity of being


For more information or to schedule an interview or a session contact me:


Single Session: $100
Prepaid Package of 3: $255
Prepaid of 5: $375

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Owner at Rhythm of LIfe Studio

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