Although Rhythm of Life no longer offers GYROTONIC, please feel free to contact Carol for more information and for referral contact information.

GYROTONIC® comes from the word “gyro” meaning spiral or circle and “tonic” meaning to tone or invigorate.

.This unique system of equipment and exercise incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai-chi. It is based on fluid circular movements and exercises the musculature while articulating the joints. Breathing patterns are synchronized with the exercises to stimulate the nervous system and create a revitalizing and invigorating flow of energy.

A challenging way of moving and exercising the body, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®:

  • Articulates the spine and frees the joints
  • Develops profound core body strength
  • Releases tension in the body
  • Stretches and strengthens musculature
  • Develops body alignment awareness
  • Enhances balance and stability
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Reconditions the nervous system
  • Improves circulation
  • Develops coordination
  • Creates a balanced support system for the skeleton

One of the many benefits of this work is that you can take what you learn about your body through GYROTONIC® movement and apply that awareness to better support the body throughout your day-to-day activities, including posture, sitting, lifting, walking, running, sports . . .

Anyone wanting to develop great strength, remarkable flexibility and a strong nervous system with the same exercise method will benefit from GYROTONIC® movement. Every exercise in this methodology consistently addresses all issues, gracefully, fluidly and thoroughly.

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