At the heart of all the fitness systems offered at Rhythm of Life studio is the potential for freedom of movement, body/mind awareness and an overall sense of vibrant well-being.Through these state of the art, intelligent movement and fitness systems, you can:

  • Release muscle tension relieve joint and back pain
  • Work it to the max, be safe, be conscious and be challenged
  • Undulate your spine, free your mind, be mobile and flexible

  • Whichever way you choose to move at the Rhythm of Life studio, you will get fit, stay fit, have fun, gain confidence and feel genuinely good in your body.

    Intelligent Movement and Fitness Systems

  • The GYROTONIC® method is a rhythmical  low impact exercise system designed to gradually stretch and strengthen the musculature, improve articulation of the joints and spine and build abdominal strength.
  • In GYROKINESIS® exercises, all movement originates from the spine and follows the natural energy lines in the body to build internal and external strength and dynamic health and fitness.
  • Each Fitness Finesse class is a mix of exercises that use fit ball, free weights, weighted balls and weighted bars and is designed to be challenging as well as respectful to your body. Undulate your spine, free your mind, be mobile and flexible throughout your body.
  • Yamuna Body Rolling, a form of self-massage, stimulates bone, re-educates muscle, relieves stress, creates space in the joints, lengthens the spine, increases circulation, frees body restrictions and promotes healing.

  • Body Prompts Blog

    Body Prompts BlogPublished weekly, Body Prompts is short and sweet – usually around 250 words. It is designed to inspire you to move your body, engage your breath, enhance your body image, improve your relationship to food, boost your body confidence, raise your body awareness, find joy in your humanity and generally address the foibles of embodiment. A devoted advocate for this brilliant and messy human predicament, I am quite enlivened by the possibility that each of you can have a clear, caring, joyful, relaxed, present and passionate experience of your body, as your body.

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